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киевстар +38 (067) 749 46 70
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Dear clients!

All pieces of our jewelry are unique. So, we send you jewelry, which was pictured. We do not use Photoshop to improve images!

All our jewelry has a state stamp of silver standard and a label. The label is attached to every item with a seal.
  • Label is a document for the good. It contains information about inserts.
  • If you want additional documents for the stones, we can provide gemological certificate from the State Gemological Center of Ukraine for a surcharge. The examination of one stone costs 500 uah. In this case terms of delivery are discussed with each client.

If you like a ring but its size doesn’t suit you, we can change it according to your order. The cost depends on difficulty of work and is discussed individually.

Exchange and return 
According to Ukrainian legislation, jewelry of good quality cannot be changed or returned (Regulation №460, dated 25.03.1999).

We are proud of our goods' quality!
However, if you find manufacturing defects within two years from the purchase, we will make warranty repair at our cost.

Please, keep purchase receipt with a date of purchase and label for the case of warranty repair.

Warranty repair does not cover:
  • Mechanical damages which result in loss or damage of precious or semi-precious stones by the client (for example, if you drop jewelry, snag your clothes, put together with other firm items and etc.);
  • Damage from different chemicals such as washing and cleaning agents, acids, alkalis, solvents, substances that contain  chlorine, iodine, mercury, sulfur  or their compounds (for example, pool or nail polish remove);
  • Damage from interaction with creams and / or ointments;
  • Damage from fire, roentgen or ultraviolet exposure, high, low or quickly changing temperatures (for example, sauna or solarium).
  • Modifications /repair by client or jeweler.
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Cart 0 items
Total price 0 uah